one red blazer.

This man is dapper in his red blazer.

I saw him and wanted to shoot him immediately.

He is on a mission to get to work.

Commuting with a bold statement

in that red blazer.

He is a trail blazer.

On the cobblestone streets of Vienna

he is a beacon of crimson.



5 responses to “one red blazer.

  1. I love the picture; it fits the man in the poem perfectly. Do you know him personally? That is a very bold choice of blazer. I love that he is in Vienna because I’m going there in the fall!

    • I’m so excited you are going to Vienna Marlee!!!!!!!!!!! We have to chat about Vienna over coffee or something, I can fill you in on all the tips and secrets 🙂 I did not know this man personally though, this was just a shot as an observationialist.

  2. Brynn, This photo is so intriguing! I’m into photography as well, and I think this subject is such an awesome find. The poem, explains the photo so well, but still leaves the viewer to use their on imagination as the what the subject is thinking, or why he even chose to wear the red blazer in the first place. Great first post!

  3. I really like this photo, Brynn! That red blazer is fantastic. I wish the picture were a little larger to get a better idea of his facial expressions, but then you would have probably appeared too much of a creeper. You have a great sense of style, and I look forward to reading more throughout the semester!

  4. Those are some nice little lines from that one candid shot. That’s one thing I love about art and aesthetics. It’s everywhere. I like how you were able to take something pretty ordinary and make it into something a bit more extraordinary.

    Oh, the red blazer trailblazer thing–awesome.

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