a fruitful pair.

Armed with fruit

bananas and oranges in tow

this Italian couple knows the way to go.


with the red spectacles


with his tight striped necked collar.


take solace in the peace the bench is providing.

If one were to look

if one were to gander.

They would see the couples thoughts

in a fruit-obsessed manner.


focused on his banana-shaped prize.


also engrossed with intense stars in her eyes.


are an eccentric match to be sure.

I am so easily lured.

Sitting in Florence

sipping my tea.

Inspiration for Photo: This couple caught my attention when I was exploring  the Academia in Florence, Italy.  Her “librarian” look really sparked my interest, as well as their ample fruit supply.  In that moment I was hooked and went in for the shot.

What do you find interesting or striking about this photograph?


3 responses to “a fruitful pair.

  1. What a neat picture! I really like how it tells a story, but still leaves to the imagination the details of the subjects.

  2. Candid camera for the win? Nice I like this blog. Very… poetic. What caught my interest about this photo was the lady’s hot pink watch. Or at least that’s what it looks like. It’s a bit tacky, but who am I to judge?

  3. Beautiful words Brynn and a great photo! They are definitely an intriguing couple. I especially like the red spectacles. I wonder where they were going? For a stroll around the park perhaps?!

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