she cleans your dirt.

She cleans your messes

scrubs your showers

and empties your trash cans,

without a word

on the hour.

She moves in and out of your life like a ghost.

You see the side effects, but never the cause.

If you looked closer you would find

an Ethiopian woman

with thoughts in her mind.

This woman of Ethiopia cries to think

of her African family


on the continental brink.

She’s been away for so long.

She would talk to you about it

if you took the time

and asked.

Try asking.

Attempt to look rather than just to glance.

Avoid ignorance

and ignore her no more.

For this is a thank you not measured by words,

but by authentic love.

So let the person that needs to be noticed,

be noticed.

Let the voices that need to be heard,

be heard.

Let your ears be receptive

to listen.

Do you ever think about the cleaning staff on campus?

What are some ways that you can express kindness to them in the future?


3 responses to “she cleans your dirt.

  1. Beautiful. I love the way this is written – not the typical blogging style. I love the cleaning staff here; they are genuine and so sweet, but so rarely appreciated or even acknowledged. I’ll be sure to go out of my way to speak to them.

  2. This is very beautiful and moving. I love the thought you have put into this and the encouragement you give to others to seek out people who could be like ghosts. You have a powerful message; thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I do think about the cleaning staff on campus. There are some really great ideas going around Campus Life as to a way to thank our staff.

  3. I have chatted with quite a few of the cleaning staff. They are such wonderful people. Quiet, as they may be, they still do a wonderful job around campus cleaning up our horrible messes. Sometimes I think we are too privileged.

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