bronx babe.

His name is Jose

he is from the Bronx.

So watch yourself when you turn your back

because this kid is not on the right track.

You see, this child was not born with privilege

I mean, this child is from the Bronx,

where kids even as innocent as this are judged by appearances.

But if you look deep into his eyes

would you find

a juvenile delinquent

or a real head case?

Or perhaps, you would find one of God’s babies

trying to find love in this place.

In the Bronx.

In the ghetto.

down the dirty street…

in the school

where his eyes meet yours

and then you see

not only with your eyes

but with your soul

and you melt with ease.

Hi, Jose.

What emotions do this picture convey to you personally?


5 responses to “bronx babe.

  1. I can see that some of your best photography are portraits of people. Not posed photos, but you capture the essence of a person you take their photo. I see innocence in his face. He is looking straight at you in the photos and I like what it’s in the background, it explains his life a bit more. And great job with the poem 🙂

  2. That was a pretty ghetto poem. That’s sort of like a rap. Cool! Oh and your picture looks like a girl… and the poem is about a boy named Jose… I think they should match. Unless Jose likes to wear pigtails…. April Fools?

  3. You have done a great job with your photography. I feel like you truly capture the story or who the person is, just in your one photo. Great job!

  4. This child is adorable and I love this picture. I can definitely see a “cheekiness” in this child’s eyes….that’s the word we use in England for mischievous.

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