a day of bliss

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We climb trees,

watch snakes,

put some spiders on our face.

Wrap flowers, twigs, and grass in our hair,

and eat a little left to spare.

Twirl about in the grass,

lay on roads,

talk and laugh.

Make war paint out of common mud

turn our faces into works of art.

Swish our hair in rivers

filled with blues and greens.

We are wilderness women

and wild is in our genes.

What do you do to get in touch with nature?

4 responses to “a day of bliss

  1. Lauren Edwards

    I appreciate these pictures – gorgeous colors, and a nice poem to go with. I want to have a nature day now!

  2. I love all the pictures. It is beautiful. Where were you all?

  3. Wonderful works of art…simply beautiful

  4. I love these pictures. My way of getting in touch with nature would have to be sitting outside .

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