a fruitful pair.

Armed with fruit

bananas and oranges in tow

this Italian couple knows the way to go.


with the red spectacles


with his tight striped necked collar.


take solace in the peace the bench is providing.

If one were to look

if one were to gander.

They would see the couples thoughts

in a fruit-obsessed manner.


focused on his banana-shaped prize.


also engrossed with intense stars in her eyes.


are an eccentric match to be sure.

I am so easily lured.

Sitting in Florence

sipping my tea.

Inspiration for Photo: This couple caught my attention when I was exploring  the Academia in Florence, Italy.  Her “librarian” look really sparked my interest, as well as their ample fruit supply.  In that moment I was hooked and went in for the shot.

What do you find interesting or striking about this photograph?


orange colored glasses.

She sees the world through a filter.

It reflects oranges back into her face

like the citrus fruit you would pick up in a supermarket.

She stares at me through those orange-colored glasses,

that block the sun

and shield the rays.

Her age spots represent a map

of where she’s been

and the wisdom she possesses.

Cosy in her cardigan,

she carries her age with the grace of experience.

Inspiration for Photo: This women caught my attention when I was exploring the streets of Prague in the Czech Republic. She inspired me with her aged skin, classic up do, and most importantly, her orange eyewear. I was quickly prompted to capture her image.

What do you find interesting or striking about her?


one red blazer.

This man is dapper in his red blazer.

I saw him and wanted to shoot him immediately.

He is on a mission to get to work.

Commuting with a bold statement

in that red blazer.

He is a trail blazer.

On the cobblestone streets of Vienna

he is a beacon of crimson.