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collections of a lifetime.

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I helped my grandma clean her basement last weekend.

This basement was like a treasure trove

filled with secrets,

that no one could fathom

or know.

To look through bottles, books and things

and having my grandma tell of all the excitment they bring

made me smile.

I could listen

and listen

and listen

for days

to my grandma talk of her proud glory days.

She was a mother,



and lover of people.

She worked hard for her family,

and this has paid off

with beautiful children,


and great-grandchildren to top it off.

Recalling memories is a beautiful thing

to see a person’s face light up with exuberance and glee.

My grandmother’s face was a ray of sunshine,

looking over her collections of a lifetime.

What are some things that you think will be included in your collections of a lifetime?