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a survivor.

(David is pictured on the left)

AIDS is a three-letter word

used to fill in the spots

earn the money

to learn to sympathize

but have you ever looked the disease right in the eyes?

I did.

I was in New York City last week

the city that never seems to close its eyes

or even sleep.

I met David in New York City

serving dinner at a church one evening.

It was with a program called Momentum

that provides people with AIDS with healthy foods.

David had AIDS

and for once I saw

a face to the disease that

we talk about like we know so well.

David was relatable




a survivor to be sure.

I talked with him for quite a long time

then left one friend richer

with a smile as big as an ocean,

eyes opened.

Have you ever experienced an eye-opening moment that makes you see something in a whole different way than you originally thought?