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girl of sweet carmel.

Her smile is a flash of blinding white;

her skin is the color of a melty caramel.

Her soul will welcome you with open arms;

there is room enough in there for two

or more.

She will be more then willing to let you in.

that is for sure.

Her golden hoop earrings shine but not nearly as bright as she does.

She is a beam of postivity to the world around her.

A “light in the darkness” is an accurate word picture.

She beams

and can’t help it.

Talk and she will listen,

cry and she will comfort you,

vent and she will reassure you of sanity.

An incandescent candle is she.

Jaleeca Yancy is that to me.

What is a source of postivity in your life?

How you express positivity to others?